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     Art courses held by the Russian Academy of Art

Russian Academy of Art offers a wide variety of art courses in Florence, Italy. They are: a 3-year academic art course, a 1-year academic art course, evening art courses and various art workshops. Students can start studying at our art courses with any level of prior art experience. They can also join our evening classes any time they wish. In our winter art courses which take place in January, are: Constructive Drawing and Artistic Anatomy course. Art workshop to be held in summer is a Portraiture course. Evening art courses which run through the whole academic year are: Portrait drawing course and Human figure sketching course. Students of the 1-year and 3-year academic art courses get fundamental knowledge and gain skills in Drawing and Painting. They also study such subjects as Perspective, Composition, Artistic Anatomy, Chromatics, Technique and Technology of painting, Art History and so on. Upon the successful completion of the 3-year course graduates are awarded with a private educational institution diploma. All the art courses held by the Russian Academy of Art are taught by highly professional Russian artists in the best traditions of the Russian realism style.

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