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Evening courses

Drawing – is a plastic basis of all arts. That   is  why   the   main    objective   of  practical    drawing    classes  is   a    profound   study of   the   form  plasticity. We invite students and working artists to join our  Evening  Course  on  Human Figure  Drawing.  This  course  offers  highly  useful   step-by-step   method    of drawing, which helps students to acquire skills in doing the  detail  and   placing accents  correctly; the  course  also teaches  to  unify  the  drawing   applying  the principle  of  artistic selection, that is to say, highlighting the main  points while paying   less   attention  to   minor   ones.  Every   stage   of    students’   work   is   accompanied   by   detailed   instructions    of   a    professional     teacher.   Each  setting    is    designed    for    36   academic   hours.  Join  us   twice  a  week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. 

GRISAILLE Portrait course

We invite you to participate in the grisaille portrait painting course!  This  course is useful for beginners as much as for practicing  artists. The  main  focus  of  this course is on the form of the head, facials parts: eyes, nose, lips and ears. Also this course helps to understand significance of the  tone  in  portraiture  and  solution for the big plains on the facial  form. Grisaille painting  serves  as  foundation  for further studies of painting techniques of human head in oil. With the help of  the professor, the student will learn how to model  the paint along  with  the  form of the face. This will enhance 3D understanding of the head form and will teach the student  how  to  work  with  details  on  the  complex  form  of  human  face. One portraiture assignment takes one calender months to  finish. This  exercise  helps with strengthening your knowledge in portraiture  painting. This  method  is  one of the most effective and widely used in the Russian Academy.

Hours per week: 4

2 Day of the week and time: Monday /Wednesday  6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Tuition fee per month: 300 euro


Human Figure

Tonal drawing of the human figure with Sergey Chubirko.

Day of the  week  and  time:  Tuesday,  Thursday   6 p.m.  -  8  p.m.

Tuition fee: 300 euro


Evening Costumed Portrait (half-figure)

We     offer      you    to    take    our     Costumed      Portrait      drawing     course. 
The main focus of this course is on drawing the  portrait and model’s hands. The
course  gives  students  a   chance   to   learn   how   to   work with  different   soft
materials and to enrich the drawing with  different  textures.  This  task  helps to
develop sense of composition and  skills  in  doing  the  detail. It  allows  students
as well to study profoundly hands and parts of the face (eyes, nose, mouth).  

Academic hours per week: 4

2 Day of the week and time: Tuesday, Friday 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Tuition fee per month: 300 euro