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What the entry test involves? Is the entrance test in the summer holidays or at the beginning of the semester during class hours?

The entry test is meant for determining your level and seeing the way you work. It is not the same as entrance examinations depending on results of which the decision will be made whether you enter Academy or not. You will get some tasks like, for example, drawing and painting still life and will be performing them for about 3 days completely by your own. You shouldn’t come for this test work before the beginning of the course. It takes place on the first days of the academic year during class hours.
Is it necessary to have a lot of prior experience in drawing/painting for the Evening courses?

One can start attending courses from any level as our professors practise personal approach while working with students.


 Is it necessary to pay  a deposit for the Evening course?

To guarantee your place at any short course you need to pay the whole sum for the course till the deadline (1 month before the beginning of the course). For short course the deposit is not required. 

Will  the fees go up every year or will I pay the same amount each year?

The fees go up every year according to inflation rate,but no more than 10% per year.


I need a visa. Can the Academy help me to get a visa?

Yes,we provide students with all the necessary documents for their visa/permesso di soggiorno after they have paid for the period we are inviting them for. In this case it's strongly recommended to pay for the whole academic year at once.  

IfI study for only one year, will I get any certificate?

You will get certificate on successful completion of the one-year course program. 

Do the school provide a housing plan or list of housing agent to find a room for student?

School doesn't have its hostel, but we can suggest some contacts of the agencies and youth hostels. 

What is the difference between one year and 3 year course? Is one year course for more advanced students?

 The one year program is the same as the first course of the 3-year program. If you decide to continue after one-year program, you will continue as a 2-year student of the 3-year program.  

 What is the normal schedule?

Monday to Thursday:

10am - 1pm – Painting class

1pm - 2pm – Lunch break

2pm - 5pm – Drawing class



10am - 5pm – Composition day

1pm - 2pm – Lunch break