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The Masters  Course  is  meant  for  those  students  who  are  intending to have a professional  career  in  the  arts.  This  course  will open  doors to perfecting your skills  in  drawing  and  painting.  It  will  also  help  students,  who  have  already received a good educational foundation, to  put all this knowledge into practice. It will  enable  students  to   work   using   their   own   individual  technique  which they developed  without first having  to  think  about  the  theory.  This  course  is meant    for   obtaining    and    developing     individual   style   and    also for  the fundamental  strengthening  of  drawing,  painting  and  composition knowledge which the student received in the previous three years. According to the Russian School of Painting, which has been  working  since  the  Renaissance  period,  the development of professionalism requires a minimum of five study years.  In  the first  three  years   the   student   gains   basic   fundamental   knowledge.   In  the following two years the student will reinforce this knowledge, master their skills, develop an individual, unique style and define their path in  the  world  of   arts.  This course is only open for those  students  who  have a  bachelor’s degree and a solid   foundation   in    art   education.    Enrolment   for   this   course   involves   the selection  of  candidates  and  upon  finishing  the  course  students  will  have completed    the   entire   program   at   the    Academy.    Students   will    receive documentation representing a mark of quality and recognizing them as qualified professionals in the field of Figuratively- Academic  from  the  Russian  School  of Fine Arts.