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Three-year course

Academic year 2013/2014

September, 30

The Russian International Academy of Arts announces the admission to a one-year course and  three-year Diploma Degree Program in Art.

We run full time academic course (certificate and diploma program) as well as different evening courses in Florence, Italy  and  short-term  courses  in  Saint - Petersburg, Russia.


Classes are held in 2 languages: Russian and English. Knowledge of Russian is not  required  as  all  classes  are  conducted  with  the  help  of  an  interpreter.

The Academy of Art   employs   an   individual   approach   to   teaching.  Upon passing the entrance examination students who already have some experience in arts will have the opportunity to choose a  major  subject   (e.g. Still life,   Portrait etc.). Following the request of the student he/she will be given the opportunity to receive subject  related  diploma.  This  is  possible  if  a  student  chooses   to   be enrolled   in   dual   degree   training   program   run   with   one   of   the  partner universities of the Russia International Academy of Arts.

The Academy of Arts organizes annual  international  student art exhibitions. All the students of the Academy are welcome to participate in these exhibitions.

Admission requirements include: