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The one-year Analog Photography & Studio Arts course

4 November 2019 - 29 May 2020



The one-year Analog Photography & Studio Arts course at the Florence Classical Arts Academy is a program for developing artistic self-expression based on solid skill. Throughout the two semesters, students gain technical knowledge of various films, papers, chemistry and printing, processing, toning, and retouching techniques, resulting in a portfolio of museum-level fine art prints. Along with darkroom theory and supervised printing sessions, the course includes classes in composition, drawing, art history and history of photography, essential to developing individual creativity. 


Course description:


This course is a unique program that integrates the essential knowledge of Visual Arts and Photography. The students will undergo a program where the main curriculum components are synced with the Painting & Drawing One-Year certificate program (for the full list of subjects see and Photography periodical workshops.


The students will have access to the workshop sessions throughout the year which will be entirely focusing on Photography. These sessions will run simultaneously with the main program, which means that during the weeks of the workshops the students will be taking only photography subjects and no main program subjects.

Any level of experience is accepted, as the program covers the basics of exposure and film processing in the first lectures, then progressing to understanding contrast, tones, split grade printing, dodging and burning, pre-flashing, bleaching etc. The one-year course ensures to provide a very solid foundation for anyone willing to pursue a career in the field, using the medium with both artistic and technical confidence. 

The fee does not include film or paper. The film and paper used in the foundation part of the course are Kodak Tri-X 400 and Ilford RC pearl 24x30 for contact sheets and 18x24 for prints until other films and papers are introduced, which will then be up to personal choice. Materials are possible to be ordered and shipped to the school within 3 work days. 

Own 35mm/medium format camera is required.


Tuition fee per year: 7.930 euro

Deadline of application August 15th, 2019. 


We encourage students to meet the following deadlines. However, applications entering after the date indicated will be considered as long as space is available. The additional charge will be applied to the "Late enrollment" tuition payments. For details, please contact the Admissions Office at


We remind you that full-time students (enrolled in a program of minimum one year) are entitled to 50 % discount for any workshop or evening course.

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