This exhibition is enlightened to the teaching staff and guest teachers of the academy.  The exhibition presents not academic paintings of teachers, but their creative works. It also shows the diversity of different characters, visions of life, colors and materials of different artists. However, all of them are united by a great love for art and a desire to share their knowledge with students. This exhibition is just a small part of each artist’s collections of paintings.


With this exhibition, we want to capture the artistic path of all participants and their attitude to what they see, the diverse color solutions for the different themes presented in the paintings and the choice of subjects.

Evgeny Grouzdev , Sergei Kurbatsky, Nadya Molugova, Yuri Dyatlov, Svetlana KURBATSKAYA, Valerio Mirannalti, Alexei Bakhtin, Oleksiy Chekal took part in this exhibition. We really hope that you will enjoy discovering for yourself each individual author and their vision of the world.

Evgeny Grouzdev

Sergey Kurbatskii

Svetlana Kurbatskaya