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1-YEAR Program

Visual Arts + Fashion Design


Starting dates:


5 October 2020 

3 February 2020



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This course is a unique program which integrates the essential knowledge in the Visual Arts and Fashion Design. The students will undergo a program where the main curriculum components are synced with the Classical Painting & Drawing One-Year program (for the full list of subjects see and Fashion Design periodical workshops.


The students will have access to the workshop sessions during all of January and all of May which will be entirely focusing on Fashion. These sessions will run simultaneously with the main program, which means that during the weeks of the workshops the students will be taking only fashion classes and no main program subjects. 


What will you learn:


• fundamental concepts of costume design;

• the costume creation, tools, and means in harmony creation;

• constructive feasibility of the forms in the design of a suit;

• navigation in fashion trends, style directions and using them in project activities;

• mastering the techniques of graphic representation of a model in a suit;

• compositional decisions of historical and modern costumes. 


The main focus is to equip the student with knowledge and skills to transfer ideas into sketches and to turn sketches into technical drawing and patterns. Learn how to transfer ideas to paper, make attractive sketches and turn your ideas into a finished product.











Course content and future career engagement: 


This course provides fundamental training for designers in the field of costume art. It forms the future specialist's understanding of the essence of the processes occurring in fashion, style directions and teaches practical ways of using them in design activities. 


The students develop abilities for independent project work, as well as the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful project idea of fashionable clothes and accessories. In the process of learning, students carry out a number of course projects aimed at developing collections of modern clothes of various assortments for all genders and age groups of consumers, with an emphasis on a conceptual, creative approach to solving a design problem.


The study program is focused on an individual approach to each student. Much attention is given to the formation of visual culture among students and an understanding of current trends in the field of fashion illustration and advertising graphics, necessary for the promotion of new fashion ideas. In addition, creative activity of the future professional is stimulated through participating in professional exhibitions, competitions, shows, festivals as a means of exchanging creative ideas and the opportunity to demonstrate and evaluate the level of their own professional training.


The core disciplines are: “Costume graphics”, “Color in a suit”, “Concepts of modern fashion”.



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Additional Information


All subjects are taught in English. 


We encourage students to meet tuition payment deadlines. However, applications entering pass the deadline will be considered as long as space is available. An additional charge will be applied to the "Late enrollment" tuition payments. 

Full-time students (enrolled in a program of a minimum length of one year) are entitled to 50 % discount for any workshop or evening course.