This program is composed according to the requirement for high professional education. The Academy is currently realizing a restoration project of an antique original painting of large dimension under collaboration with one of the key museums of Florence - Palazzo Pitti. Part of the curriculum of the program includes copying paintings of old masters and learning their original techniques. Upon completion of the Three-Year Course, the student receives the Diploma. Upon completion of the One-Year Course, the students receive the Certificate. 

Course Goals:

The students of the Restoration Department will be preparing for the following career paths:


  • Conservative restoration activity

  • Scientific research 

  • Research project activity

  • Expertise


Study goals of One-Year Course:

  •  Revealing and imparting attributes to the object of material culture

  •  Estimating the artistic and cultural value of an artwork, and the category of it

  •  Organizing and archiving the work to the best quality standard to be published and  presented to the public


Learning about the principles of old masters and their individual techniques by using diverse types of materials:


  • The unfolding of the course is performed from basic to complex. The student learns the theory and immediately puts it into practice while organizing scientific project research

  • Students identify and accentuate course goals through learning different materials

       Monitoring the quality of knowledge comprehension:

  • Testing and checking theoretical knowledge and methodical setups in practical assignments of restoration of oil paintings

  • Step by step controlling methodical performance through following the goals of a restoration process

  • Establishing independent assignments like homework for conservative-restoration process practices

  • Consultation on scientific documentation 


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