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Course objectives:


  • To increase awareness of the skeletal structure

  • To instill into the mind a full image of the human figure,   proportions & plains

  • To understand the proportional system and learn key points of the human body

  • To study a constructive drawing approach, properly using perspective rules in creating a 3D image 

  • To visualize complex forms in simpler geometrical layout                         


  • Skeleton in three projections

  • Skull

  • Rib cage and spinal column

  • Pelvic bones

  • Major joints: elbow and knee

  • Hands and feet

  • Muscles of the head and the neck

  • Muscles of the torso - front & back

  • Muscles   of   the   lower   limbs

  • Muscles of the hands and feet

  • Schematic model of full figure

  • Introduction to comparison anatomy (horse, dog and etc.)

       Included in the curriculum is a course on physiognomy:

  • Character creating

  • Learning about the emotional scale

  • Depicting each phase of human emotion 

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