Each academic year there are six weeks in total dedicated to full-time intensive anatomy studies. In the course of this program, one learns about a complete scheme of the human body, adapted and improved from the one taught in Russian academies. Anatomy for the artist gives essential knowledge about the structure, proportions, and features of the human body. It teaches direct application of anatomy information to artistic drawing.

Course objectives:


  • To increase awareness of the skeletal structure

  • To instill into the mind a full image of the human figure,   proportions & plains

  • To understand the proportional system and learn key points of the human body

  • To study a constructive drawing approach, properly using perspective rules in creating a 3D image 

  • To visualize complex forms in simpler geometrical layout                         


  • Skeleton in three projections

  • Skull

  • Rib cage and spinal column

  • Pelvic bones

  • Major joints: elbow and knee

  • Hands and feet

  • Muscles of the head and the neck

  • Muscles of the torso - front & back

  • Muscles   of   the   lower   limbs

  • Muscles of the hands and feet

  • Schematic model of full figure

  • Introduction to comparison anatomy (horse, dog and etc.)

       Included in the curriculum is a course on physiognomy:

  • Character creating

  • Learning about the emotional scale

  • Depicting each phase of human emotion