“Stating that composition cannot be analyzed from the scientific and methodological point of view is particularly strange considering the fact that any component of any kind of visual art is always designed and planned beforehand. The foundations of learning draftsmanship and painting are closely connected with the principles of composition".  


Aleksandr Deyneka

The composition is the core subject at the Florence Classical Arts Academy. While creating a composition, artists can express their thoughts and unleash their potential. The composition also reveals how skilled the student is as a draftsman and as a painter. As the composition is a highly creative, artistic activity which embodies students' ideas, it demonstrates how much one masters the brush and the paint.

Our professors generously share their experience and professional secrets, helping students to develop their artistic taste and skills. With diligence and dedication, the student will surely learn how to find original compositional solutions, to convey tragedy or joy through harmonious color combinations, to depict a story that will touch the viewer.

Composition while combining painting and drawing goes beyond them both, allowing one's idea to truly unfold. Composition uncovers various skills of the students such as working on portrait, figure, draperies, landscape, following perspective and anatomy rules.