Marina Dotson

1985—1989 studied at the North-Osetian Art technical college in Vladikavkaz.


1998 graduated from the Repin St.-Petersburg State Academy Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture where she achieved experience while working in Portraiture, Fine art, Anatomy, Composition and Chromatics.


Professional history:


After finishing Art College she taught at the art school for children teaching Painting, Fine arts and History of art.
2001 to date she opened an art studio-workshop for children, which then grew into a studio-workshop for teenagers as well as adults.


2008 instructor of Drawing and Composition at the artistic course run by Art Academy (now Russian Academy of Art), Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


2009 instructor at the Portrait Workshop run by the Art Academy (now the Russian Academy of Art), Florence, Italy.


2009—2010 professor of Drawing and Composition at the Russian Academy of Art, St. Petersburg, Russia (one-year academic course in arts).