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Diploma in Performing Arts 


This course is aimed at the fully-rounded development of the artistic skills of the student. 

The course as well includes Visual Arts disciplines, such as art history, graphic design, photography, drawing, painting, composition, anatomy, and many others. Those not only develop artistic taste and visual aesthetics of a student but provide the knowledge and educational base necessary for an expert in the art world. The integrated study program includes various stage disciplines such as dance, acting, and singing, which trains a student to be a performer of a wide range of artistic expression. This program is suitable for those, who decided to follow a career path in theatre, TV or film or productions, musical shows and stage events.


Education in the field of performing arts engages the artistic processes of creating, performing and critical analysis. These processes require students to read symbol systems, use critical thinking skills, excel in nonverbal reasoning and communication, exchange ideas, work cooperatively and collaboratively with others, and interact with a multicultural society.


The mission of the Performing Program is to provide high-quality professional development in the theory and practice of stage performance for teachers, stage directors, and performing artists. Our goal is to facilitate the development of your creative and critical thinking abilities, thereby increasing your knowledge and expertise in performing arts education. Our approach emphasizes the integration of strong classical academic skills education with the developing mind and body in the context of modern society.

Our location in the Art capital of Europe is of great advantage. The vibrant artistic energy of Florence provides extraordinary cultural institutions and events.


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