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CAD History:Save and access earlier versions of your drawings.Compatibility and future development:We are continuing to work on future development of AutoCAD in areas such as parallel computing and performance, as well as CAD interoperability and automation, such as through WYSIWYG or Workflow. Additionally, our development team continues to incorporate and improve upon AutoCAD features that help users save time and increase productivity.Known issues:As noted in previous updates, some functionality may not be working as expected. If you experience issues, please contact performance issues may occur when switching between drawings while the UI is processing.Connect with a local CAD expert:Call 1-888-833-4529 or visit the Autodesk Helpdesk.Support for external viewsExternal views enable you to view 3D objects in your drawings in Windows or macOS. External views give you the ability to see a 3D drawing of an object from another file type or location.As an example, you can view a 3D view of a file in a local folder, such as the included free-roaming globe, or a 3D view of a file on a website, such as the 3D representation of the Hoover Dam.You can create new external views with an external file view, such as a 3D image or a PDF, or you can quickly import a file view, such as a 3D interactive file. You can also switch between external views or manage existing views with the View Manager tool.Import an external viewYou can quickly import an external view with the [Import External View] command. External views allow you to see a 3D view of an object from another file type or location.For example, you can see the new 3D model of the Hoover Dam with the imported 3D image file.[Import External View] commandCreating an external viewExternal views enable you to create a new view of a 3D file from another file type. To create an external view, follow these steps:In the drawing, right-click Viewport > Show viewport menu. The 2D viewport displays. In the Open Viewport dialog box, select 3D View from the Type list.The drawing opens in a 3D view. Select View > External View. A dialog box 2be273e24d