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7 January - 17 January 2020

This course is dedicated to creating compositions and learning about all aspects of this complex matter. You will learn about perspective, harmony, dynamic and static compositions, creating characters and even storyboarding for movies and commercials. Very informative and hands-on course, especially for those who want to be illustrators or work as professional artists in the film/video industry or animation. 

Monday to Friday:  (2 hours a day)

Each day the lessons will include the theoretical part and practical assignments.


You will learn about:

  1. Line and point

  2. Spot and line

  3. Static and dynamic

  4. Balance 

  5. Nuance

  6. Golden section

  7. Storyboarding

  8. Creating a character 

  9. Creating art concept

  10. Writing a visual story (scenario, development, visualization)

  11. Rhythms

  12. Plasticity 

  13. Chromatics

  14. Color Science 


Tuition cost: 850 euro

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