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10 June 2024 - 12 July 2024

9 June  –  4 July 2025


This workshop is an integrated course on both subjects: Plein-air and Portraiture. 

This course offers a unique and  culturally   enriching   experience while staying in Florence, at the  heart  of Tuscany. Painting in this city, cradle of  the  Italian Renaissance,   offers  a  dymanic environment for developing artists, unleashing their creativity. It is a wonderful location in which one can evolve professional skills and educational  knowledge, whilst  enjoying the delights of this beautiful city. 

Plein-air painting objectives


  • Learning about rules of perspectives, proportions, “clean” color palette, and aerial perspective

  • Understanding how to apply cold and warm colors and create subtle color transitions

  • Mastering the techniques and methods of oil paint application in Alla Prima technique 

  • Developing a broader coloristic vision and elaborate implementation of all aspects


Portraiture painting objectives 


  • Learning about the compositional arrangement of the canvas 

  • Understanding proportions of the big form and small forms of the head

  • Deepening anatomy analysis and its application in the drawing and painting process 

  • Refining details of the face (nose, eyes, lips and etc.)

  • Developing a broader coloristic and tonal vision and elaborate implementation of all aspects

  • Revealing physiological complexion of model's character

Additional information 

This course is also open to families. The kids from 8 years old to 14 years old can join their parents to learn the basics of painting. Along with the adults, the children will be getting individual instruction in order to develop their artistic potential and establish the correct foundation for their further professional development.

The cost for the child: 400 euro for two weeks


Schedule: Monday to Friday 


Please note, if there is a tour to the museum organised, the entrance fee is paid by the student, while the professional guidance of the teacher is included in tuition. 


Please note, the workshop is not a separate course but is a part of our full-time program. It means that when you take the course you join the existing group of the students of a long-term program. However, as we valued 1 to 1 teaching and individual follow-up, each workshop student will receive the same amount of feedback and necessary assistance from the professor.


Tuition fees: 1500 euro 



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