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Our Academy is located in the idyllic Italian city of Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance and an inspiration to untold generations of artists. Countless notable travellers and authors throughout history have written about the sublime nature of this ancient city, and about the profound effects of its beauty. The historic city centre of Florence is an UNESCO world heritage site, and Florence in turn is located in the heart of Italy, the country with the world’s greatest number UNESCO world heritage sites.

Florence is well-known as a source of inspiration that confers immense benefits upon artists. The city offers a rich and stimulating environment for art studies and for living, as well as a life experience that students never forget. Here, you’ll come in direct contact with works by many great masters, among whom are counted the likes of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli. All it takes is one visit to Florence to understand that it’s no coincidence these greats made their names in this city. Florence is also home to numerous art galleries and museums, including the world-famous Uffizi Gallery and Pitti Palace.


Florence has much to offer both residents and visitors, including a lively and safe nightlife, boutique designer shopping, and a great variety of coffeehouses, bars and restaurants. Our Academy is located in a calm, picturesque district that is well served and has all residential conveniences. We are a short walk away to direct lines connecting us to the historic city centre, and there are many neighbourhood cafes, restaurants, and parks nearby.



Our students develop their artistic talents and live immersed among many of humanity’s greatest artistic and cultural achievements. At the same time, our students benefit from the modern experience of life in Italy and have many opportunities to live the true “dolce vita.” By studying in Florence, our students develop an appreciation of beauty and a life experience that would be impossible to replicate anywhere else.


Students enrolled in one of our programs can expect their day to day lives to be characterised by new lifelong friendships with peers, focused work, and immense beauty. They will also gain an exceptional wealth of knowledge and technical experience that sets them miles ahead of the competition. At the Florence Classical Arts Academy, we employ artistic tradition as a foundation from which students can explore innovative avenues of expression. We begin by imparting a deep understanding of fundamental techniques, hone the application of those through an integrated academic approach, then allow students to use what they’ve learned to harness their talents in new ways.


During their time with us, students will engage in a custom-tailored, personalised training with a small group of peers. Student training groups never exceed 15 people, and each student will receive many hours of one-on-one training with the instructor. Our approach is highly individualised according to the current skill level and personal growth of the student, and we achieve our teaching objectives for student success by:



  • Enabling students to become professional artists and competent experts that have mastered both the basic and the most advanced techniques of painting, drawing and composition.


  • Contributing to students’ lives as we lay the foundation for a successful future.


  • Supporting students along their journey as we help them reach an advanced level of professional competency.


  • Understanding each student’s technical strengths and weaknesses, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing a plan that helps the student develop well-balanced skills.


  • Discovering the mediums and techniques that best suit each student’s individual style and unique expression.


  • Guiding students as they learn to articulate and develop their own personal vision in their art.


  • Encouraging students to exhibit their work and produce a portfolio that is ready for professional use.


  • Organising exhibitions to give students exposure and help them gain confidence when displaying their work in public.



At our academy we cultivate a welcoming environment, where students enjoy a friendly atmosphere and have opportunities to participate in a diverse offering of courses. Some students stay with us for just a few months, and others enrol in year-long or multi-year programs. Each student will be met by professors ready to assess his or her needs, no matter the student’s age or skill level. Every class is structured by setting a generalised skills development or art education goal while individual attention is given to each student's unique needs. All instruction is provided in English, either directly from English-speaking professors or with the assistance of professional translators. 


As a student, you will have the opportunity to develop your skills and become an artist that knows how to draw and paint with clear vision.  We will not teach you merely how to reproduce what you see, be it an object, model, or landscape; but instead how to understand what you see and reinvent it by applying your own feelings and sensibility. The city of Florence provides an inexhaustible source of inspiration, which aids in revealing your unique talents and discovering your individual artistic style. 


We care deeply about the success of our students, and our professors are always ready to listen, and to offer guidance and encouragement. We also instil a diligent work ethic, and our programmes require students to work intensively so that they may attain their greatest potential as artists. Along the way students will work on subjects like Painting, Drawing, Anatomy, Composition, Chromatics, Perspective, and History of Art. Once these foundational skills have been mastered, our students are also offered the option to pursue innovative programmes in areas like Digital 3D Design, Digital Animation, and Character Design.

Still not sure?  Check out what our students have to say!



Why did you choose the FCAA?


As an artist, I wanted professional training and finding the right time and place to do this was fundamental. I chose FCAA and what the academy provides is what kept me going through the years.


Tell us about one of your best experiences whilst studying here.

The highlight has been this year for me; I could really introduce myself into the painting. The freedom and creativity that FCAA has encouraged is special, I would do three more years if I could. Teachers who pour themselves out and with such a knowledge they want to share with us students is also a valued experience.                                                               



What do you suggest to those who are considering choosing the academy?


There is heavy emphasis on construction and anatomy which is amazing because it gives you the ability to capture more of the essence of a person than you can through a photograph. This is a true meaning of an artist. Why take a photo if you can capture the essence of somebody and this is something that is taught and demonstrated at the academy. It’s very comfortable to live here, with the immersive environment.




Before I came to this school I had so many ideas in my head and I didn’t know how to put them to paper. My head was full of pictures but I did not have the skills and I was looking for a school that could teach me how I could express what was inside. The more I’m practicing, I am being led and guided by the teachers here, I gain confidence and security in what I’m doing. And I am finally reaching the point where I can express what I have in my head. I can put my ideas on paper and do my own composition. Here you see my drawing and I never did these sizes before. And never have I been able to fill this much space with exciting information that capture people’s eyes. It’s true it take patience, self discipline and hard work. Now I can see the fruit of the last 5 years.




I came to Florence 8 years ago because it is a city that teaches traditional arts and crafts from the Renaissance to present day. I was very inspired to come here. I attended another academy for three years which taught me a lot about copying. I became very proficient at this but I never understood what I was doing. So I went to a lecture at the FCAA and I loved it because they taught about what goes underneath the drawing, the anatomy of the body, the structure of the body. And suddenly it all made sense to me! I love the student friendly atmosphere, not just the students but the administration, the teachers. They create this positivity where you feel loved and encouraged to do your individual work, you’re not just a copy. You can’t just become an artist by copying something well.



I came to Florence last winter and this is the second academy I came to. I knew I wanted to study art more and I applied not really knowing about the FCAA. The teachers here not only want you to see what you are looking at physically but what goes into it emotionally and straight to the source of beauty. One time one of my teachers asked me a question "what are you doing?" in the middle of the process. And indeed I had no clue what I was just drawing. And from that point on I began to think differently about what I was doing before I started anything. I had to think. 

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