Nude Figure Drawing Course

(with specific focus on anatomy schemes) 

4 November - 29 November 2019
7 January - 31 January 2020


This course is meant for artists who would like to improve and perfect their skills in painting and in drawing full nude figures. One week of this course implies deep and insightful studies of the anatomic form of the human body, that from the artistic point of view.


The main focus of the course is on:


* understanding the form and the anatomy of the human figure, on the analysis of various plains and shadow lines;


* tonal relationships between the figure and the background and within the form of the figure itself;


* understanding of plasticity and conveying the uniqueness of the body shape of the model from an artistic point of view


Schedule: Monday to Friday (3 hours per day)

Please note the classes are suspended on public holidays. 


Tuition cost: 1.100 euro


Tel: +393318172804  


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