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30 January 2023 -  24 February 2023

27 February 2023 -  24 March 2023

06 November 2023 -  01 December 2023

It is possible to choose from two options: 

Drawing or Painting.



This course is an intensive workshop on portraiture with hands. Composition studies are included in the curriculum. A student can choose from two directions: painting or drawing. Sketch practice, museum practice class are included also in the curriculum. The course is recommended for both beginners and advanced painters, as the professor assists the students both individually and in the group. 

Course objectives 


  • Learning about the compositional arrangement of the canvas 

  • Understanding proportions of the big form and small forms of the head

  • Understanding proportions, the structure of the upper body and hands

  • Learning about the rib cage construction 

  • Deepening anatomy analysis and its application in the drawing and painting process 

  • Refining details of the face (nose, eyes, lips and etc.)

  • Developing a broader coloristic and tonal vision and elaborate implementation of all aspects

  • Revealing physicological complexion of model's character


Additional information 


During this time students will also  guided by a professor who will explain the principles of academic drawing and portraiture as illustrated by the examples of Great Masters.

Please note, the workshop is not a separate course but is a part of our full-time program. It means that when you take the course you join the existing group of the students of a long-term program. However, as we valued 1 to 1 teaching and individual follow-up, each workshop student will receive the same amount of feedback and necessary assistance from the professor.


Tuition cost: 1.200euro