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Classical art & Digital design program


30 September 2024 – 6 June 2025



07 February 2025  - 1 August 2025



31 March 2025  - 26 September 2025

*with 1 month break in August

Classical art & Digital design is a 3-year program which combines the fundamental of figurative and digital art. This course is designed for the students who are strongly interested in working as artists in visual and entertainment industries.


The first year provides students with the strong foundation in figurative art and could be taken both online or in-studio.

The following subjects are included in this program:


- painting

- drawing

- artistic anatomy

- technique and technology of painting

- color science

- art history (for offline option)

- museum practice (for offline option)

- copy old master (for offline option)

- plein-air

- composition

- sketches


During the second year and third years, the students will continue figurative art subjects implemented with the digital art design:

- digital design foundation

- photoshop basics

- history of animation

- dynamic sketches (perspective and drawing in-the-round)

- creature design

- digital rendering

- shape design

- foundation of texture and lighting

- storyboarding and modeling

 - painting

- drawing

- artistic anatomy

- museum practice

- sketches

- constructive drawing

- composition

digital art

Each course is developed by professional artists to offer students a rigorous creative curriculum based on foundational concepts dating back to the Renaissance. These concepts provide the building blocks to properly prepare students for the entertainment industry. Students will be able to use this knowledge and skill to springboard their career in fields such as illustration, environment design, creature design, character animation, storyboard, game design, modeling, and more.


This program is available for anyone desiring to develop their artistic skills whether they are just starting on their artistic journey or already have some professional experience. The program is built on the system of workshops and goes on for 3 years with a diploma from Florence Classical Arts Academy.

Tuition Fee:   

Early Bird enrollment: 12.000 euro 

Standard enrollment: 13.200 euro 

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