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watercolor. Duomo


8 July 2024 - 19 July 2024



Watercolor (Acquerello) is one of the worlds most ancient art mediums, and it began its new level of development in fine Art during the Renaissance period. One of its forerunners was the great master of the North, Albrecht Dürer, who on his trip to Italy was inspired to use it extensively for his famous sketches. This medium can really excite and well round any artist. The feeling of the atmosphere, when watercolor is applied to express soft translucency of beautiful light, as it rolls through the Tuscan hills. In this workshop we will focus on several main directions in which this versatile medium and its many traditional and contemporary techniques can be developed and explored:


  • In working with watercolor stil life one can learn to paint forms and shapes affording one ability to apply it in interior and other forms of design. This skill gives an artist a unique edge for any project presentation. 

  • Painting an Acquarello portrait one can learn to express subtle quality of human features. Acqua means water, and we are 60% made of it. So let's see what we can make of it with some pigments and inspiration...

  • Space, air, fog, dew, plant life, soft and incandescent luminescence - all afford this beautiful medium a chance to gently touch paper surface allowing it to remain veiled by the artist's brush and shine through simultaneously. Plein air watercolor is an exploration and adventure, especially when together with you we will attempt to paint the virgin beauty of Italian mornings, afternoons and sunsets.


Watercolor painting
Watercolor painting

Course objectives


  • Learning about rules of perspectives, proportions, “clean” color palette and aerial perspective

  • Understanding how to create an effect of lightness, airiness and subtle color transitions

  • Mastering the techniques and methods of water-based pigment application

  • Developing a broader coloristic vision and elaborate implementation of all aspects


The  course is recommended for both beginners and advanced painters, as the professor assists the students both individually and in the group. Academic painting in water color carries a variety of techniques and methods in itself, therefore creates a unique and refined way of depicting beauty around us.


This workshop will take place if a minimum of 5 students is registered.
If not, private lessons at an extra charge will be available. 


Schedule: Monday to Friday 

Tuition fee: 600 euro

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