The success stories of some of our graduates

Sarah Joy Jungen and Karsten Peter Hoop





After graduating at the Art Academy Sarah Joy Jungen and Karsten Hoop created the animated watercolor film DROPS and build a successful animation company from it. By using the traditional tools they've proved their worth in the 21.st century and are now working on commissioned films internationally. The vision is to create healthy and educational films that lead to more understanding and compassion between humans.

Osamu Giovanni Tanimoto


Graduated in 2014.





Current projects include the exterior mural painting for the church in Taipei, Taiwan, and the interior mural painting for the chapel in Lyon, France, as well as painting the interior of the Italian harpsichord and a portrait commission of an Italian doctor. After 4 years of teaching in the Sacred Art School in Florence, Osamu will open his own studio in Florence, Italy to further practice his art, drawing and painting. He wants to share the sacred art and the realism with young and old artists alike.

Natasa Govedarou


Director of Govedarou Art Gallery


Anastasia (Natasa) Govedarou is from Thessaloniki, Greece and she graduated from the Russian Academy of Art in Florence Italy in 2014 (Grade A). She is a member of the Greek groups of artists SKETBE and SKETKE and of the International group of artists “Narrative Movements” based in India. She had many solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad (https://govedarou.wordpress.com). With

her works she creates her own sense of personal freedom and space. Despite the constraints of the canvas, which allows her only two dimensions to work with, she is still able to create horizons that open

up spaces, full of enchantment. She likes to give a mystic atmosphere to her landscapes inspired mainly by the Greek light and colors. Her portraits give the deep character of men and women with a love for details and expressive lines. From September 2014 she is the owner and director of GOVEDAROU ART GALLERY (www.govedaroufineartgallery.com) in Thessaloniki, Greece. The aim of the Gallery is to show Greek and foreign, established and new artists, creating with them a long-term relationship of cooperation.

Maurilio Milone


Since my experience at ARTAC I have been an active artist in both my own community and abroad. I was part of Centro Contemporaneo, a group of local artists with a common goal of making the city of Catania a better place by strengthening it through art. Every first weekend of the month I would hold an open studios and create new work for the events. I then moved to Barcelona with my wife and fellow artist Terra Chapman. There I served as an assistant teacher at La Salle University. Together we taught EcorchОe to the 1st year animation students. I also taught a

Fundamentals of Perspective Workshop at the Barcelona Academy of Art.

Recently I had my first gallery show together with Terra at Oz Galleria d'Arte curated by Luca Lombardo. Through Oz I befriended Giuseppe Sciacca, former Academia di Belle Arti etching teacher and fine artist. In his

studio on Mt. Etna he initiated me to etching techniques. I consider him an important mentor. Currently I'm preparing new work for a dual show with Terra at Gallery 709 in Missoula, MT and for a collective etching exhibitions at Oz Gallery on November. I'm also collaborating with the Missoula Art Museum to offer a class of drawing fundamentals for teenagers.

Terra Chapman


After Attending the Russian Academy I went to Spain to become a painting, drawing, and anatomy teacher at the Barcelona Academy of Art. I taught there for three years and met many wonderful students and additional professors along the way. It was a life changing experience and made me much more confident in myself as well as in my artworks. After that I married Maurilio Milone, a fellow artist I met in Florence. We decided to move to the USA together. We lived in Sicily for one year before moving to the USA and during that time we had a dual show together, called Married Landscapes. The project focused on presenting the nature and beauty of

the Etna volcano area in Sicily to the viewer, but through me and my husband's different styles.


Now I am living in the USA, in Missoula Montana. I will have a show in November as well be teaching a figure drawing class, one of my favorite subjects to teach.




Rosalie Gamache


Originally from Montreal (Canada), Rosalie Gamache is presently finishing a Bachelor's degree in visual and media art at Laval University in Quebec City, where she specializes in painting and drawing. After completing a college diploma in Visual Arts in 2012 at the CEGEP du Vieux-Montreal, she was admitted to the Russian Academy of Art in Florence for the One year program.

In 2014, she is invited to present her first professional solo exhibition Sfumato at the Maison de la Culture Mercier to celebrate the 25th anniversary of cultural dissemination for the Montreal establishment.


In 2015, she attends a private course at the Quebec Academy of Fine Art with the artist Denis Jacques through a Mentorship Award from the cultural organization PremiПre Ovation. Currently, she teaches drawing to adults and children at the Quebec Academy of Fine Art.


In January 2016, she is selected for the exhibition Banc d'Essai at the Galerie des arts visuels of Laval University. During the spring of 2016, she is admitted into the Portrait Artist Association of Quebec City

and she starts to work as a portrait artist in the old town. During the same year, she receives the Jacques-Simon-Perrault grant, financial support that outlined the quality of Rosalie's work.


In 2017, she studies abroad at the Superior School of Art and Design of Marseille in the context of her Bachelor's degree at Laval University.

Graduation at the Russian Academy of art in Florence: 2014 (One year Program) Profession: Artist, Street portrait artist and Teacher at the Quebec Academy of Fine Art


Website: www.rosaliegamache.com

Website of the Academy where I teach: www.acbaqc.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rosalie.gamache.art/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Rosalie-Gamache-artiste-345753958963049/