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7 Novembre - 2 December 2022

30 January - 24 February 2023

27 February - 31 March 2023

It is possible to choose from two options: 

Painting or Drawing.



This course is meant for artists with the strong level of preparation, who wish to improve and perfect their skills in painting or drawing human figure. Sketch practice and composition studies are included in the curriculum.

























Course objectives 


  • Understanding the form and the anatomy of the human figure

  • Implementing deep anatomy analysis of each body part

  • Mastering the skill of treating the shadow line as the main tool for disclosing information about the form

  • Learning about color relationships between the figure and the background 

  • Revealing the plasticity of the figure and conveying the uniqueness of one's body shape 

  • Learning to work with cold and warm colors, creating color harmony on the canvas 

  • Understanding and implying the principles of Alla Prima painting 


Please note, if there is a tour of the museum organized, the entrance fee is paid by the student, while professional guidance of the teacher is included in tuition. 


Schedule: Monday to Friday  


Please note, this program is part of our full-program. It means that  students will join long-term students. However, as we valued 1 to 1 teaching, each student will receive the necessary assistance from the professor.


Tuition fee: 1.200 euro 


An Oil Painting of the nude figure.