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15 May 2023 - 1 June 2023

08 January 2024  –  2 February 2024

The summary of the Synopsis of the program for the 2 Parts of the  Course:
*The course is divided into sections, the topics will be according to our schedule.
It will be dependent on the period in which you are coming.


This course involves learning about essential rules and principles of the constructive drawing approach. The student will be taught how to understand the structure of any form, whether basic or complex and translate the image correctly on paper. The course includes theoretical and practical part. Specific attention is given to topics such as perspective, proportions and three-dimensional comprehension. Sketch practice is as well included in the curriculum.

Constructive drawing
Constructive drawing

Course objectives

Depending on the level of preparation of a student, there will be 2 or more practical tasks offered from the following:

  • Plaster head cast

  • Still life with flying objects

  • Architectural detail

  • Constructive and anatomic analysis of the human figure


Please note, this program is part of our full-program. It means that  students will join long-term students. However, as we valued 1 to 1 teaching, each student will receive the necessary assistance from the professor.a



Tuition fee: 1.100 euro