Constructive-drawing | 78 | Florence Classical Arts Academy


4 September - 13 September 2019
20 January – 31 January 2020



This course involves learning about essential rules and principles of constructive drawing approach. The student will be taught how to understand the structure of any form, whether basic or complex and translate the image correctly on paper. The course includes theoretical and practical part. Specific attention is given to topics such as perspective, proportions and three-dimensional comprehension. Sketch practice is as well included in the curriculum.

Course objectives

Depending on the level of preparation of a student, there will be 2 or more practical tasks offered from the following:

  • Plaster head cast

  • Still life with flying objects

  • Architectural detail

  • Constructive and anatomic analysis of the human figure


Schedule: Monday to Friday (3 hours per day)​


Tuition fee: 850 euro 


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