Frequently Asked Questions

What is the normal schedule?

The schedule is subject to a change from semester to semester. Below find an example of schedule: Monday to Friday: 10.00 – 12.45 14.00 – 16.00/16.30 During January and May daily schedule for Artistic Anatomy course will be different to a standard schedule. Inquire for a current schedule at the admin office.

Am I graded on my works?

Yes. In the end of each semester, you have an exhibition day when you present all the works you have finished throughout the semester. All your works are graded by the board of professors and the grades are announced to you the same day.

Does the school help me with Italian visa?

Yes. After the tuition fees are paid fully, the Academy provides all the necessary documents for you to apply for the student visa in the Italian embassy in your home country. Upon your arrival to Italy, the Academy will advise you on the further application process for your temporary Italian residency card Permesso di Soggiorno. This card then is renewed each year on the territory of Italy.

Are there any scholarships or grants I can apply for?

Yes. There are, although they could be obtained only from outside sources and not from the Florence Classical Arts Academy directly. The Academy itself doesn’t provide any scholarships or grants, but you may apply for independent funds and associations. As our student you are officially entitled to apply for Art Renewal Centre (ARC) annual competition, since we are registered approved members. You can find information about ARC following the link: This competition usually is taking place in May each year. If you need a recommendation letter from your teachers, please make your request as soon as you know that you would like to apply (until 30th of April of every year. Also, if you find a foundation or association where you would like to apply for a scholarship, secretary office may produce a recommendation letter on your behalf, if you need one.

Does the school help with finding accommodation?

Yes. We provide accommodation for our students at student dormitory in the Academy building. Address: via Giuseppe Galliano 78, Florence. There are double and single rooms. The bathrooms and kitchens are to share with other students. The rental contract is signed for one academic year for full-time students (from 20th of September till 20th of June). Short-term students may as well inquire to stay at the student dorm, according to the daily rental rate 35 euro a night per person or 55 euro for two people staying in one room, if there are rooms available at the moment of their request. Full-time students on one-year accommodation contract living at the dormitory have VIP access to studio space included in rental cost. For accommodation cost, services included and other important details please request Accommodation guide from admin office through email:

What is the average cost of living in Florence?

Living expenses always depend on the person who spends and the life style one is used to. However, roughly speaking, the average cost of life in Florence varies from 600-800 euro for accommodation per month and around 400-500 euro for food and expenses. Art materials around 200 euro a month.

Does the cost of tuition include materials?

No. The cost of tuition does not include the cost of materials. Buying materials such as paints, canvases, paper, boards and etc. is student’s responsibility. Your teachers will advise you in regards of art material choice. You will be given the list of paints, brushes and etc. when you begin your studies.

Is it cheaper to buy materials in my home country or in Florence?

This depends on where are you from. Mostly, we recommend to the students to buy their materials here, since Florence is full of art shops and the offer range is quite wide.

Can I use Italian medical services as a foreigner?

Yes, definitely. If you wish to use medical services in Italy, you will need to register at a local clinic to be assigned to a doctor. In order to do that you need to apply for Tessera Sanitaria (Italian medical card). It is an easy procedure that can be done online. You can ask for advice on how to do it at the admin office of the academy upon your arrival.

What career perspectives do I have after I graduate?

Depending on your career preferences, you can choose a path of being a painter, graphic artist, illustration artist, story board artist for movie industry, animation and etc. The principles we teach are fundamental and crucial for an artist of any kind, since the most important rules of composition, color perception and the form always remain the same in all fields of visual arts.

Is Florence Classical Arts Academy a branch of a certain Russian art institute?

No. The Florence Academy of Russian Art is an independent educational institution based and registered entirely in Florence, Italy which provides Diplomas of European standard upon successful completion of the program. We do not offer courses or workshops in Russia.

Are there exhibitions I could be part of during my time with FCAA?

Yes, certainly. As a student you will be participating in as a minimum two exhibitions per year: in December and in June which is a mid-term and final exhibition of the year. Also, our students have the chance to exhibit in current expositions organized by the Academy. This could be in Italy or even abroad. In previous years FCAA has organized exhibitions in Switzerland, China, Russia, Norway, and Italy.

Is there a winter semester enrollment?

Yes, there is a Winter Enrolment Intensive program. Those joining in February will be taking part in an intensive program that will continue till the end of July. From February to May the students will have access to three evening courses per week included in the curriculum. In this way, you will have full coverage of academic hours offered for one year and will be eligible for 2nd year admission exam in October of following year. The deadline for winter semester application is 1st of December. The deadlines of payments for Winter Enrollment intake: Early enrollment: 9.500 euro + VAT* (deadline 15th of September) Standard enrollment: 10.500 euro + VAT* (deadline 15th of December) *value-added tax set as 22 %

Can I work part-time in Florence while I am a student?

Yes, according to the Italian law, being a student and having Permesso di Soggiorno (per motivi di studio) you can work part-time, which means maximum 20 hours a week. We hope this information was helpful. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at We will be delighted to provide full guidance and support in the process of your enrollment. Warmest regards, Admissions Office of the Florence Academy of Russian Art