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 One-Year Portraiture 

2 February 2025 – 19 July 2024

2 April 2024 - 27 September 2024

30 September 2024 - 6 June 2025



This course is a long and intensive program on portraiture. Composition studies, sketching practice, museum practice and artistic anatomy are also included in the curriculum. These subjects support and enhance deep comprehension of such complex matter as portraiture. A student can choose from two major directions: drawing portraiture or painting portraiture. All applicants must present portfolio demonstrating previous experience in portraiture painting or drawing. The admission is only confirmed if the level of preparation is found sufficient by the FCAA Board of Professors.

Course objectives


  • Learning about the compositional arrangement of the canvas 

  • Understanding proportions of the big form and small forms of the head

  • Deepening anatomy analysis and its application in the drawing and painting process 

  • Refining details of the face (nose, eyes, lips and etc.)

  • Developing a broader coloristic and tonal vision and elaborate implementation of all aspects

  • Revealing physiological complexion of the model's character


Schedule: Monday to Friday (3 hours per day: includes two hours of instruction and one in-studio assignment hour)

Please note all classes are suspended on the days of public holidays. 

If there is a tour of the museum organised, the entrance fee is paid by the student, while the professional guidance of the teacher is included in tuition. 

*follows Winter Intensive Intake calendar and includes additional evening courses in the curriculum

**follows Summer Intensive Intake calendar and includes additional evening courses in the curriculum

Tuition Fee: 8.500 euro

For tuition and deadlines please see:

FCAA also provides accommodation service upon your request. Early booking is adviced.

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