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29 April 2024  – 24 May 2024

7 January - 31 January 2025

5 May – 30 May 2025



This course gives essential knowledge about the structure, proportions, and features of the human body. It teaches the direct application of anatomy information to artistic drawing. 


The workshop sessions in January and in May have different topics and academic content. Please check with the admissions office for the list of subjects which will be covered in the specific period of your participation in the workshop. 

Course objectives:

  • To increase awareness of the skeletal structure

  • To instill in the mind a full image of the human figure, proportions and plains

  • To understand the proportional system and learn key points of the human body

  • To study a constructive drawing approach, properly using perspective rules in creating a 3D image 

  • To visualize and convey complex forms in simpler geometrical layout                         



  • Skeleton in three projections

  • Skull

  • Rib cage and Spinal Column

  • Pelvic Bones

  • Major joints: Elbow and Knee

  • Hands and Feet

  • Muscles of   the Head   and Neck

  • Muscles of the Torso - front & back

  • Muscles   of   the   Lower   Limbs

  • Muscles of the Hands and Feet

  • Schematic Model of Full Figure

  • Introduction to comparison anatomy (horse, dog and etc.)

Training includes:

  • Anatomy theory

  • Drawing practice

  • Lab hours (independant mandatory in-studio assignment) 

Schedule: Monday to Friday 

Three hours of lecture and practice per day, plus LAB (in-studio individual assignments hours).

Please note: 

Our Artistic Anatomy workshops are designed for obtaining a full understanding of the human body. All the course content is offered in sections within the two first years of the Three-Year program. As all topics related to the human body cannot be taught in one single workshop.  Each workshop session consists of a theoretical component and practical exercises.



When you take the workshop, you join in with the existing group of students undertaking a longer academic program. That's why it is impossible to choose your topics, but you can inquire about those with the admin office to ensure you are in the right group that aligns with your level of preparation and your needs. 

Tuition fees: 1.200 euro 


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