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8 April - 19 April 2024

31 March – 11 April 2025




The purpose of this workshop is to learn Alla Prima painting technique in an open-air environment. The comprehension of fundamental principles is the main goal, which includes color mixing, creating a "clean" color palette and application of pigments. Constantly changing landscape provides conditions in which, one learns to be precise and quick in developing the painting.  

This course provides students with the opportunity to paint the most picturesque views of Florence, learning about Alla Prima technique. 


The workshop's key objectives are:

  • Learning about rules of perspectives, proportions, “clean” color palette, and aerial perspective

  • Understanding how to apply cold and warm colors and create subtle color transitions

  • Mastering the techniques and methods of oil paint application in Alla Prima technique 

  • Developing a broader coloristic vision and elaborate implementation of all aspects


Please note, the workshop is not a separate course but is a part of our full-time program. It means that when you take the course you join the existing group of the students of a long-term program. However, as we valued 1 to 1 teaching and individual follow-up, each workshop student will receive the same amount of feedback and necessary assistance from the professor.


Tuition cost: 850 euro

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