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Tuition fees & Deadlines

Academic year 2017/2018

Tuition fees academic year 2019/2020


One-year tuition fee:


Fall Enrollment

7 October 2019 – 5 June 2020


Early enrollment: 11.590 euro (deadline 15th of May 2019)

Standard enrollment: 12.810 euro (deadline 15th of August 2019)


If the student chooses to pay in two equal installments*, the deadlines are:

15th of June 2019 – first installment;
15th of December 2019 – second installment.


Winter Enrollment

3 February 2020 – 24 July 2020


Early enrollment: 11.590 euro (deadline 15th of September 2019)

Standard enrollment: 12.810 euro (deadline 15th of December 2019)


If the student chooses to pay in two equal installments*, the deadlines are:

15th of October 2019 – first installment;
15th of March 2020 – second installment.




Summer Intensive Foundation

27 April - 10 September 2020


Early enrollment: 8.500 euro (deadline 15th of November 2019)

Standard enrollment: 9.500 euro (deadline 15th of February 2020) ​





Paying in two equal installments

*Tuition payment in two equal installments is an option available only to the citizens of the European Union. All non-EU students who are required an Italian student visa must pay their tuition fees fully before applying at the Italian Consulate in their home country.


Registration fee

The student is required to pay a registration fee of 950 euro to secure their place in the course. This must be done within 15 days from the day of the official email confirming one’s acceptance to the program. Registration fee is not a separate cost but it is included in the full tuition.


Cancellation/refund policy

The reimbursement of the tuition fees is available in one and only occasion: Italian student visa refusal. If such a situation occurs, the student must request the Italian Consulate to send an official email or fax to the Academy administration office to confirm the refusal. The registration fee of 950 euro is non-refundable.

Personal situations, health issues or change of plans cannot be the motivation for the refund request. 



Delay in tuition payments

From 1 January 2019, there is a late fee of 150 euro is applied for the tuition payments made past the standard deadline. This fee is charged for the first 15 days of payment delay, and consecutively for each following period of delay equal to 15 days.


All tuition payments must be received by bank transfer to the following account:





IBAN: IT35Y0306902922100000017576



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