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Tuition fees academic year 2023-2024


One-year tuition fee:

Winter Intake Intensive* 2024

5 February – 19 July 2023


Early Bird enrollment: 12.000 euro (deadline 15/09/2023)

Standard enrollment: 13.200 euro (deadline 15/12/2023)

Summer Intake 2024

2 April - 27 September 2024

*with the August break

Early Bird enrollment: 12.000 euro (deadline 15/12/2023)

Standard enrollment: 13.200 euro  (deadline 15/02/2024)

Fall Intake 2024 - 2025

30 September 2024 – 6 June 2025


Early Bird enrollment: 12.300 euro (deadline 15/03/2024)

Standard enrollment: 13.550 euro (deadline 15/06/2024)



Registration Fee


If accepted to one of our programmes, you will be required to pay a €950 registration fee to secure your place on the program. The fee is treated as a down payment and will be applied toward your tuition bill. Your registration fee must be submitted within 15 days of receiving your acceptance email.



Late Payments


Tuition payments received within the 15 days following a payment deadline will be subject to a €150 fee. An additional €150 fee will be applied for every 15-day period thereafter, until the tuition payment is received in full.




FCAA students are eligible for the following discounts: 


  • All full-time FCAA students enrolled in programmes with a minimum length of one year are eligible for a 50% discount on all workshops and evening classes.

  • Students enrolled in workshops or short-term courses are eligible for a €200 discount when they enrol in any of the two one-month workshops that are running during the same month.

  • Students enrolled in workshops or short-term courses are eligible for a €50 discount when they enrol in any of the two evening classes running during the same month.

  • A €200 family discount may be applied any time members of the same immediate family enrol together in a workshop. Similarly, a €50 discount may be applied to families enrolling together in an evening class.


Cancellation/refund policy


The tuition fees are non-refundable. Personal situations, health issues or change of plans cannot be the valid reason for the refund request according to the FCAA policy.

For students who are unable to start their studies for any reason, a two-year voucher will be issued or an equivalent professional online program will be available.

All tuition payments are non-refundable and must be received by bank transfer to the following account:


VIA delle panche 140 – 50141 – FIRENZE 



IBAN: IT35Y0306902922100000017576



Piazza della Repubblica16/r 50123 Firenze 

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