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Oksana Arkhipova

Commission painter, visiting instructor and external collaborator with FCAA 


Oksana was born in Zakarpatie, Ukraine. She graduated from Rostov-on-Don Grekov Art College and then graduated from St. Petersburg State Repin Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture (the Monumental Painting Workshop headed by professor S.N. Repin).



2000 "Exhibition in honor of M. Shlokhov 's 95th birthday anniversary", Rostov-on-Don

2008 Art Assembly, "Moscow Artist House"
"Spring Exhibition", Saint-Petersburg Union of Artists
"Winter holidays in Russia", 3rd prize in nomination "Painting"

2009 "Antiquity: the Archaeology of meanings"; "Manege" exhibition hall, Saint-Petersburg. 
"Golden brush"; Central Artist House, Moscow
"Nativity of Christ"; Aleksandr Nevskiy Laura, Saint-Petersburg. 
"Day of the Full Lifting of the Leningrad Blockade the way modern artists see it", Saint-Petersburg
"Youth exhibition", Pavlovsk 
"Fight for Sevastopol city! ", the Union of Artists, Saint-Petersburg 
"Autumn exhibition ", the Union of Artists, Saint-Petersburg 
"A trip along native places of the North-West", Slantsy local history museum.

2010 "Palace interiors and cityscapes ", Syktyvkar 
"The Beauty the way women see it", Saint-Petersburg
"Reviving spring"; I. Brodsky flat-museum.

2011 "Christmas exhibition", "Molbert" art gallery, Saint-Petersburg 
"Christmas", M. Shemyakin Fund, Saint-Petersburg
"Dalmatia. The way the artists of Russia and Ukraine see it"; Prague, Czech Republic 
"Perspective", the town of Sosnovy Bor

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