study art in florence


 11 weeks course

Next intakes:

3 October - 9 December 2022

11 April - 24 June 2022


Join our Semester Abroad in Florence, Italy program to learn the foundation of Visual Arts and enjoy the beauty and culture of one of the most inspiring cities on Earth!

Semester abroad in Florence

We are located in a 19th-century Villa of the Bargioni family in the heart of Florence, Italy, with a didactic teaching programme based on the fundamental principles, methods and techniques of classical art, handed down over the centuries since the Italian Renaissance.  

The Florence Classical Arts Academy offers students the opportunity to experience the dynamic life in Florence and Tuscany, studying traditional techniques of drawing and painting with academic instruction, in studios designed and equipped to professional standards.

Semester abroad in Florence

Goals of the Semester Abroad Program 


  • To spend one semester of eleven weeks in Florence, to understand the culture and heritage of the Renaissance, within an artistic and educational context.

  • Study painting, drawing, and composition with experienced and highly qualified art professors trained.

  • Visit museums, galleries and historical architecture of Florence and Tuscany.

  • To engage with Italian language and culture.  

Florence is a creative and stimulating environment for art students with its rich, classical, cultural heritage.  The city attracts many international artists and students whom opportunities to visit museums, galleries and cultural heritage of Tuscany.


Academic studies


  • Classical Painting

  • Classical Drawing

  • Composition

  • Quick Sketches

  • Museum visits. Includes a special museum pass. Professional guidance of the art teacher. Copying practice from world-famous original paintings.

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During the course, the students will learn classical techniques and methods of oil painting, restoration, and copying of the works of old masters. During their stay in Florence, the students will visit museums and galleries to encounter masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance. Professionally guided museum tours, led by an art historian, are included in the program. All classes and tours are given in English.


Accommodation for the Semester abroad students 


The FCAA is located in a quiet residential area of Florence, a twenty-minute walk away from the historical center. We offer spacious accommodation to our students in the Academy building inclusive of the following:


  • A single bed in a double room shared with one other student

  • Kitchen and bathroom shared with other students

  • Student common room

  • WI-FI

  • Utilities: gas, water, electricity

  • Professional Cleaning

  • Office support and advice


Tuition cost: 7.500 euro ​

Tuition + accommodation (private room): 10.170 euro 

Semester Abroad program is offered to both individual students and groups of students. Additional services are available upon request. For more information, please contact our admissions office at