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Going through our exhibition we can see that our participants are united by several genres. Sergey Kurbatcki, Valerio Mirannalti and Alexey Bahtin are enchanted by vivid energetic and positive landscape. Svetlana Kurbatckaya is catching our attention with her lively palette in the still life. Evgenii Gruzdev and Nadezhda Molugova are presenting the genre of portrait in which Nadezhda is appearing as a lyric and romantic artist infatuated by poetic interpretation of the world surrounding her and her family.


Meanwhile, Evgeny Grouzdev is revealed as a unique realist and outstanding master of physiological portraiture, which holds the traditions of deep and complex genre of realistic portraiture. The anatomy professor Iurii Dyatlov is presenting portraiture which is marked by incredible water-color transparency and lightness of perception. Master of calligraphy and typography Oleksi Checal is captivating the viewer with his unbelievably complex compositions and remarkably creative graphic designs.

                                                                                                                                                                                         09/08/2022 Florence . Italy

Evgenii Gruzdev

Sergey Kurbatskii

Svetlana Kurbatskaya

Oleksiy Chekal