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Why FCAA provides small teaching groups.

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

There have been numerous studies on the advantages of studying in smaller groups. Results suggest that there is an extensive range of benefits for students to acquire in these conditions. Acknowledging this, the Florence Classical Arts Academy prides itself in providing students with carefully formatted class sizes. Averaging ten students, which demonstrates the emphasis on forming an intimate learning environment. This format not only encourages closer engagement with the programme but also allows for a sense of community to establish between students and their tutors. This is an important factor in the Academies ethic, the positive influence of which is undeniably evident in both the quality of work and with overall student satisfaction.

The tutors at FCAA gain a deep understanding of students individual's strengths and weaknesses. This allows for a flexible learning experience where each of the student's requirements can be catered to accordingly to maximise their development into confident artists. The FCAA has found this to be a successful technique in guiding students to their full potential where both experienced students are continuously challenged whilst lower-level students receive the assistance they require.

An additional perk alongside the active engagement of tutors is the peer interaction that students can expect during their sessions. The Academy considers it to be yet another practical asset that our prospering artists can utilize. By providing individuals with the chance to interact and observe one another's progress, gives them the opportunity to witness the various ways in which the tutor's instruction can be interpreted. Students have found this to be an encouraging and influential factor in their education, frequently pushing them to explore their own methods more extensively until they discover their own style. This is why the FCAA believes it to be a crucial element in building a well-rounded, extensive skill set and knowledge base, ensuring our students are aware of the multiple angles in which they can approach a project.

If you are searching for a wholesome learning experience, within a programme where there is no requirement to compete between students for a tutor's individualised guidance, look no further than the Florence Classical Arts Academy. Your journey begins here.

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