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Architecture Course

Two weeks of inspirational architectural and design course.

Dates: 2 - 13 September 2019

Professor Jan Huse
Norway, Alesund
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Skaler Arkitektkontor

How can the renaissance architects and their creative approaches inspire us in developing modern architecture and design today? Join us on a historic journey into one of the greatest creative movements in history. Through various approaches, we will analyze the renaissance architecture and extract ideas for use in modern architecture and design.

Morning sessions for two weeks: 10.00-12.00
Improve your pencil drawing skills. Lessons by professors at Florence Classical Arts Academy
(Geometric figures, perspectives, shadow/light, buildings)

Afternoon sessions on 13.00-15.00


Week one:
Understanding and analyzing architecture. The history of some of the great Renaissance architects. Visit key historical buildings in Florence as well as museums. Draw details and extract new ideas. Model making; modern buildings based on ideas from the Renaissance period. We will start with small forms and shapes and continue with more complex concepts. You will get different assignments, some individual and some in teams. Our goal for you is that you try out many concepts, rather than working on one great idea.

Week two:
Sketching and developing building designs concepts. Model making. Individual work and teamwork.


During both weeks: 
Afternoons 16.00-17.30 DISCUSSION LAB
“The life of the artist”. Sessions on Biblical thinking.

We will examine and discuss:



  • How are we wired as artists? Our benefits and challenges.

  • The role of an artist as a public voice.

  • How can artists be part of teamwork?

  • Generosity.

  • Our desire to be recognized. “Don’t be original, be good”

  • To handle success and failure. The character of the artist.

  • Can art change society as much as philosophy and science?

  • Artists in the Bible. Anything we can learn from them?

Friday 10th at 15.00 Final showcase for the academy, and guests.
Course held by, professors at the FCAA, and Jan Huse, architect, musician and graphic designer based in Aalesund Norway. Practicing architecture in Skalér Architects. A former member of University of the Nations committee of the Arts Faculty for five years, with a focus on developing international creative arts courses.


The cost for two weeks: 580 euro + VAT (22 %) 


The discussion lab "Life of the artist" is included as a bonus and is free of charge. The discussion lab is also open for visitors who are not participants of the daily workshop.  

For more details please contact us at

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