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The FCAA is committed to a policy of non-discrimination in its admissions. The FCAA reviews and processes applications from prospective students of all ages, nationalities, races, sexual orientations and religious denominations. However, the Academy reserves the right to not accept applications which in the absolute judgement of its management are exceeding the appropriate number of attendees to the course. The FCAA reserves the right to make changes in faculty staff when necessary, modify the current hourly structure or schedule of class when necessary.



In order to matriculate into the subsequent levels of classes the student must maintain a minimum attendance rate of 70% per semester. A minimum rate of 70% attendance in both class hours and 70 % of homework and project assignments throughout the course is the required minimum to be admitted to the Academy for the following semester. Students who do not adhere to this policy will have to repeat the current semester paying an extra cost corresponding to the term of studies.

Tuition fees

The tuition fees for long-term programs must be paid entirely according to the official deadlines (early or standard) published every year on the official website of the FCAA: Paying according to the early enrollment deadline provides the student with atuition discount. All tuition payments arriving later than the standard deadline are subject to the late fee of 150 euro for each period of 15 days of delay. 


Registration fee

The student is required to pay a registration fee of 950 euro (long term programs) or of 150,00 (workshops) to secure their place in the course. This must be done within 15 days from the day of the official email confirming one’s acceptance to the program. Registration fee is not a separate cost but it is included in the full tuition amount. 


Cancellation/refund policy

The tuition fees are non-refundable. Personal situations, health issues or change of plans cannot be the valid reason for the refund request according to the policy. For students who are unable to start their studies for any reason, a two-year voucher will be opened for the same amount paid and valid for any course.


Services and duties included 

The cost of the course includes tuition, use of the studio space in assigned hours outside of class and student support office services. The cost does not include any printed or art materials, extracurricular lessons, photocopies or reproductions of any form, visa and student permit expenses, or insurance expenses.


Discounts and aid

The FCAA reserves the right to provide merit-based tuition discounts or grants to a limited number of students per year according to the results of occasional portfolio competitions held by the Academy or external sponsorship associations.

Selection of artworks for the Academy’s Art Collection (for long term program students)

FCAA reserves the right to choose a certain number of works per year created with the student that will become part of FCAA Art



This practice begins in the first year for 1 work, continues in the second year for 2 works, and in the third year for 3 works, of which one work of the thesis development project.

The student accepts as of now that all the works chosen for the Academy's Art Collection are the exclusive property of the FCAA, which therefore has the right of economic exploitation of such works.

FCAA will therefore be able to exhibit these works locally and internationally to promote the FCAA Art Collection.

FCAA may also sell the works to other subjects, without the Student being entitled to any price, royalties or other sum of money for any reason.


Policies and conduct

The student joining the programs of the FCAA agrees to abide by the rules and policies that are established by the administration in regard to general conduct and behavior in class and outside of class while at the facility of the Academy. The student is obligated to refund the FCAA for any damage, which is caused to its premises, goods or material.

The student, by accepting these terms and conditions, declares to exempt the FCAA and its personnel from any responsibility pertaining to his/her safety, within the activity of courses and outside of class hours while at the facilities of the Academy. The student declares to exempt the FCAA and its personnel from any responsibility of the loss or damage of any personal belongings or artworks. 


The Academy reserves the right to terminate (by expression of Law) the present contract, in order to protect its own good name and honor, safety and/or best interest of the students in particular of the following circumstances:


⮚       In case if the student, by his or her behavior, jeopardizes the normal activity of class or acts in such a manner that is harmful, offensive or disruptive to the Academy, its personnel and/or to other students;


⮚       In case if the student does not meet the obligations regarding tuition payments.

The termination of the contract in the circumstances above mentioned, brings no right for a refund to the expelled student. 

The Academy has the right, after two official written communications of expulsion warning, to terminate the contract upon its non-debatable decision. 


Contract’s nature and continuity

This contract is non-transferable. No student is permitted to transfer his or her contract to a third party, either for free or for a payment. This contract is only valid for the academic period determined by the contract itself and cannot be transferred or postponed to a later validity phase. This agreement implies yearly tuition payment according to the official deadlines.

This agreement is signed in the first year of the Three-Year program and is tacitly renewed for the next academic year, unless interrupted by an official written notice from a student to no later than 90 days prior to the beginning of the following academic year.

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