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Florence, Italy

June 1-12. 2015



This course is designed to introduce the student and working artist to the study of artistic anatomy, the elements of  drawing,  and  the  means  of  creating  the illusion of reality in the portrayal of the human figure.

Only through anatomical studies may the student become acquainted with all the unfamiliar forms of the  body  necessary  for  a  successful  drawing  of the figure. 


- To obtain awareness of the skeletal foundations that shape  the  body’s  forms

- To instill into the mind a full image of the human figure, proportion & plains

- To   learn  from   an   easy   to   remember   key   point   proportional   system

- To  study  a  constructional - based  approach  to  drawing  with   the   use   of    perspective to create the illusion of three dimensions

- To visualize all complex forms in terms of simple masses


  1. Skeleton in three projections
  2. Skull
  3. Rib cage and Spinal Column
  4. Pelvic Bones
  5. Major joints: Elbow and Knee
  6. Hands and Feet
  7. Muscles  of   the  Head   and  Neck
  8. Muscles of the  Torso-front & back
  9. Muscles   of    the    Lower   Limbs
  10. Muscles  of  the  Hands  and  Feet
  11. Features of Full Face
  12. Schematic Model of Full Figure

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The tuition fee for the course is 1000/600 €.