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Master in visual arts





There are two categories of Master programs that are available through the Florence Classical Arts Academy: for the students and for practicing professionals. 




The admission to this program is open to the students who successfully accomplished the Three-Year Diploma in Visual Arts Program with FCAA or the students obtaining a BA in Visual Arts through other institutions. The applicant must demonstrate a high level of academic knowledge and skill in painting and drawing. The acceptance is confirmed or declined by the Board of Professors after the review of the portfolio. Contact the Admissions Office for details about specific portfolio requirements. 




Painting, Drawing & Art teaching 


This program is available for professional artists practicing in the field, aiming to enrich their CV and practice teaching art subjects and assist the faculty while tutoring the group of international students. This program allows the young professional to receive experience in the educational study process in the field of visual arts. There are partial and full scholarships distributed according to the yearly competition. Contact the Admissions Office for details about specific portfolio requirements and conditions of the scholarship competition. 



For the full information about the tuition fees, deadlines and policies please follow the link:


Additional Information


For both One-Year or Two-Year Master courses, the Fall Enrollment and Winter Enrollment intakes are available. 


We encourage students to meet tuition payment deadlines. However, applications entering past the deadline will be considered as long as space is available. An additional charge will be applied to the "Late enrollment" tuition payments. 


Full-time students (enrolled in a program of a minimum length of one year) are entitled to 50 % discount for any workshop or evening course.

Master Program in Art Education and Teaching


This master program was developed for students who have received basic education in the sphere of Fine Arts and who would like to continue working in educational institutions or studios as art instructors. The duration of the master's program is two years. A alternatively, it is possible to complete only the first year of the training and receive a certificate of attendance. In the 2 years of training, we provide the necessary professional, practical and theoretical skills so that the future instructor can teach art effectively. Moreover, our master's program includes a teaching internship where the student assists art professors during practical lectures and lessons at the academy. A regular individual colloquium is scheduled with each of the students to give feedback on their teaching performance and offer professional advice. At the end of the training, students will have an opportunity to teach an art class themselves and to have a unique experience working with international students.


The master program includes such subjects as painting, drawing, composition, Plein-air painting, copy practice as well as other subjects relevant for professional art education. In addition to the main subjects, we also offer courses in:






Artistic Outlook


Philosophy of Art / Worldview






Art Instruction


Our master's program in art education and teaching is effective because theoretical knowledge in various art disciplines combines practical application in the form of an on-going teaching internship. Professors advise each student on their performance and share their knowledge and experience in teaching art.

Tuition Fee:   


Fall Intake 2024 - 2025

Early Bird enrollment: 12.300 euro (deadline 15/03/2024)

Standard enrollment: 13.550 euro (deadline 15/06/2024)


Winter Intensive Intake 2025

Early Bird enrollment: 12.300 euro (deadline 15/09/2024)

Standard enrollment: 13.550 euro (deadline 15/12/2024)


Summer Intensive Intake 2025

Early Bird enrollment: 12.300 euro (deadline 15/12/2024)

Standard enrollment: 13.550 euro  (deadline 15/02/2025)

 One-year or Two-year study course for obtaining a Diploma of Second level in “Visual Arts” 
Department: Visual Arts – Painting and Drawing 



30 September 2024 – 6 June 2025



07 February 2025  - 1 August 2025



31 March 2025  - 26 September 2025

*with 1 month break in August

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